First of all my name is Cana Ece Şensoy. Before I founded my brand, I had a corporate life just like most of the people. In 2016 with a sudden decision, I established my brand which I named The Rebel XX with the support of my mother İnci Kökçüoğlu and my father Sinan Şensoy (I love you very much). The fact that my whole family are artists, affected my view of perception a lot and encouraged me for taking the risk to create my own brand. The reason that I put the brand's name “The Rebel XX” is : The “Rebel” is as you know for my personal rebellion against the nowadays world order and the “XX” is for the female chromosome.

Also, I really want to mention my mentor “Bedros Çirisyan”. He has literally changed my life. He always encourages me to fight and not to give up. We are still working together side by side. I want to say that I really love and respect him. If I hadn’t met him, maybe I couldn’t even be right where I stand. Thanks a lot my dearest teacher.
Long story short, we are all working in jobs that we don’t want to work and spend our precious times in these daily jobs that we want to quit. But why? Mass Consumption and technology make our lives easier or harder? We concentrate on our devices all day, we produce nothing special. We consume, buy and do nothing else. We are actually become captives in our cubical homes.

Arts and creating things are down to below “0” in this world. We have to feed our spirits some way or another. Like Ataturk said :
”The artist is the first person to feel the light after a long struggle and effort in the society.“

In conclusion, we have all the weapons we need ,in ourselves, at least to make this right, to make this world right! We have our own decisions and choices. The fate of our lives is up to us. We have to fight for the ones we love, for earth, for our needs, for our believes and most importantly for our freedom. We have to fight for being the best version of ourselves.
So, I want to say that fighting, weapons or swords are not always have to be the negative symbols in our lives maybe we can see them as symbols of our inner powers. I don’t believe in just designing and selling my jewellery. The only thing that I want is to connect with people ,share my thoughts, beliefs and also share the power of creation with them. May the force be with us and you!

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